Age: 48

Hometown: Hilton

Lucky Draw Prize:
I will feed a child breakfast for 7 years for every person who pledges on me.


Scholar for Life

About Me:

Grew up on a farm in KZN. Went to a country school. Got a degree. Tried to get into farming and failed at it. My respect for farmers has since grown exponentially. I have a passion to be of service. I am wrong a great deal of the time. My mission is to connect people, nutrition, and food within the African landscape, all with the goal to ensure knowledge and nutritious foods are more accessible to all for the growing and flourishing minds and bodies of all people. I have a background in industrial psychology and business administration and serve as Managing Director of the Millhouse Group, Southern Lodestar Foundation, Cedars Private Addiction Treatment Centre, and Co-Founder of InnovateX.

Personal / Sporting Achievements :

- Accepting Failure most of the time
- 11 Years Sober
- Making a conscious effort to develop a servant heart
- Seeing the magnificence of the ordinary
- Completed 3 x hundred milers, 2 x comrades marathons and 2 x MDS desert runs

Reason for taking Challenge:

When Spurge first shared the Rhino Peak Challenge he and I were actually ascending the Peak. It sounded like a dream and an honour to run. My feet on the ground sweating a mountain for an incredible creature and purpose. The symbolism of man climbing for purpose. To run to help to serve. What an honour then to receive an invitation for 2019. How miss-understood is the true purpose and value of a Rhino Horn. It belongs only where it is birthed. I identify the “misunderstood” – it kills the soul of humanity and of Africa. We have a responsibility to walk; to run; to climb for the shared spirit of keeping where truth belongs.

Company / Sponsors:

Millhouse Group, Southern Lodestar Foundation, Lodestar Center of Excellence

No. of pledges: 30

Total Pledged: ZAR 8,875

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Pledges for Rhino Peak Challenge 2019 have now closed. Details of how much money was pledged in total and how each of the participants met the challenge will be available online very soon.