Age: 24

Hometown: Cape Town

Lucky Draw Prize:
Package put together by me, of product provided by my sponsors.


Marketing at Salomon SA

About Me:

Trail runner who suffers from a serious outdoor addiction.

Sporting Bio:

- Holder of the fastest time by a South African over the Otter Trail – 2016.
- Winner of Table Mountain Challenge, Hout Bay TC, Fisherman’s TC, Jonkershoek Mountain Challenge.
- 5th Place at the 2017 Mont Blanc Marathon.

Reason for taking Challenge:

I believe that all of us involved in the outdoor world/industry from dirt baggers to CEO’s of major brands - have a responsibility to help preserve the incredible environment that we get to enjoy. Getting involved in the Rhino Peak Challenge is a small way in which I can give back to “mother nature” through the fantastic initiatives that the event supports.

Sponsored by:

Salomon, Fresch lifestyle café, friend of Redbull.

Twitter: @kanereilly11

Facebook: @kane.reilly.1

Goal Time: 210 minutes

No. of pledges: 23

Total Pledged: ZAR 166

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About The Pledges

12 of South Africa’s top Trail Runners together with 12 influential people from all walks of life will take part in the Rhino Peak Challenge. The plan is to raise, not only awareness, but funds as well through the participation of these 24 people.

Pledge Process

- You decide on the amount you would like to pledge for each minute that Kane is under his goal time of 210 minutes

- On submission of your pledge you will receive a confirmation email with details of the pledge you have made

- Shortly after Rhino Peak Challenge has taken place you will receive an email with details of how all the participants met the challenge as well as details of how to make payment of the amount due for your pledge

- Should Kane be unable to take part in or complete the Rhino Peak Challenge under his goal time then all his pledges will be multiplied by a default factor of 10

- Each participant has donated a prize that will be awarded in a lucky draw weighted in favour of the amount pledged, so the more you pledge for the participant the higher the chance you have of winning their prize

Example of pledge calculation

- Kane's goal time is 210 minutes and he completes the challenge in 175 minutes, therefore his pledge factor is 35 (the number of minutes the challenge was completed under the goal time)

- All of Kane's pledges will be multiplied by the pledge factor of 35

- If you pledged ZAR 10 then you will donate ZAR 350 in support of the Rhino Peak Challenge beneficiary the Endangered Wildlife Trust

Please Note: there is a minimum pledge multiplication factor of 10 and a maximum factor capped at 45

Your Pledge Details

Pledge Agreement

I agree that my pledge will be made in good faith and that once the Rhino Peak Challenge has taken place I commit to pay the final pledge total due.

Please check the box to accept the Pledge Agreement