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Age: 26

Hometown: Cape Town

Lucky Draw Prize:
A date with Ryan Sandes, Salomon goodies, Fresch food basket

Kane’s contribution to the RPC will be racing the legendary Ring Of Steall race in Scotland instead of ascending the Rhino Peak. His Goal Time of 4 hours applies to the Ring Of Steall.
Follow Kane on Sept 15th at www.skylinescotland.com/ring-of-steall-skyrace/


Assistant Marketing Manager as SalomonSA

About Me:

Hi my name is Kane, I like Pina Coladas and long walks in the rain… Kidding.
“Retired elite and aspiring amateur athlete”. Assistant Marketing manager by day and semi pro runner by night. I guess I am a “runner” but more importantly am a lover of the outdoors. I grew up in Cape Town, surrounded by mountains and the sea, so nature is ingrained in my DNA.

Personal / Sporting Achievements :

- Current Rhino Peak Challenge record holder.
- 5th Place at the Mont Blanc Marathon 2017.
- Houtbay Trail Challenge winner and record holder 2017/2018
- Fishermans Trail Challenge winner 2016/2017/2018.
- Cape Town Vertical Beer mile champion 2017.

Reason for taking Challenge:

Simply. Nature is a huge part of my life. I grew up in Cape Town, surrounded by mountains and the sea, so nature is really ingrained in my DNA. I’ve had the opportunity to travel the world and be exposed to all kinds of places…one thing has always been overwhelmingly clear - There is no place like South Africa and I’m determined to help protect our land and everything in it! There is so much that I’d love to do in the future…but for now the opportunity of joining the movement created by the guys at Running Man Adventures is amazing. I won’t be in the country this year but I am stoked to be able to be involved from abroad. I’ve been circled by vultures in the Drakensberg before I I really hope that my great, great grand children have the same experience.

Company / Sponsors:

Salomon and Fresch Online

Twitter: @kanereilly11

Goal Time: 240 minutes

No. of pledges: 8

Actual Time: 215 minutes

Pledge Factor: 25 minutes

Total Raised: ZAR 6,000

Pledges for Kane Reilly

Name / Company
Amount ZAR
Gerda and R.A. McDonough
Bronwen Flemington
Maxine Reilly
Spurgeon Flemington
Dave Lev
Kayla Struwig
Pegge family ( UK )
Total Pledge Amount ZAR